Kembe X Doubles On New Music With “Sad”

Kembe X remains one of the most underlooked artists in hip-hop right now, continuing to deliver heat when the world needs it most. Today, the TDE-managed rapper drops a doublet of new songs, including “Sad” and “Entendre.” 

Giving fans a sneak-peek into his upcoming album MATRIX BREAKER, which is expected for release in the Fall, Kembe drops two differing vibes. “Sad” is an acoustic cut, describing his motivation to keep growing. It can be used as a record for anybody tending to roses in the concrete.

The second cut, “Entendre,” is more of a banger that will get people hyped for what’s to come.

Listen to “Sad” below and stay tuned for more new music from Kembe X!

Quotable Lyrics:

I desperately want company when they show up
Desperately wanna know what they want from me
Jackie told me that my father used to drink ’til he would throw up
Addiction battles, perfect example why I should grow up