Justina Valentine Gets Murderous Revenge In Visual To “Only Fan”

Back with another single is Justina Valentine and she’s giving a nod to one of the pandemic’s most popular attractions. There has been a rapid increase in OnlyFans subscriptions and content creators, especially in 2020 as the world was hit with a global pandemic. People from all walks of life use OnlyFans for various work-related purposes, but sex workers are the most popular, aside from celebrities, on the platform. Wild ‘N Out star Justina Valentine took a break from cracking jokes on Nick Cannon’s sketch comedy show to release her new single along with its sexy, yet diabolic, music video that centered around the website.

On the track, Justina Valentine raps about being an OnlyFans content creator who is trolled by a man. She decides to get her murderous revenge after finding out what was on his rap sheet, so she made it her duty to dispose of him entirely. Watch the Second Most Liked Female Rapper on TikTok (Lizzo holds the first spot) spin her tale and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I don’t give a f*ck what they think
I’m a renegade
Posing like a slut
‘Cause I’m ho clothes anyway