Jozzy Flexes Her Melodic Muscles On “Funny Friends”

For those who are unaware, Jozzy is the genius behind the “Old Town Road” Remix. She wrote the verses that made the song the international viral hit it is today, and we honestly can’t thank her enough for her service. With that being said, the songwriting is currently making music of her own, and there is no denying that she has the ability to become an r&b sensation.

Her latest track is called “Funny Friends,” and throughout the song, Jozzy gives us some incredible melodies that will surely make you think you’re listening to groups like The Internet. Jozzy’s songwriting ability is undeniable and one can’t help but catch the vibe that is being shown off here.

Be sure to give this track a spin and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

There’s someone that wants to say bad things about me
Someone is going to say the things so proudly
Don’t think we could ever make amends
Because when the world spins…