Joe Rogan and Kanye West seem to have this sort of star-crossed lovers situation happening. The podcast host and rapper-turned-presidential candidate have been teasing fans on and off for the past year or so about doing an episode together for Rogan’s The Joe Rogan Experience, and it’s not yet come to fruition.

At one point in time, it seemed like the idea was dead, however it was renewed last week during a recent Kanye twitter rant, when the rapper declared that he would “LOVE” to go on the podcast next week. From there, the two quickly got in contact, with Kanye providing the update on his end, sharing a screenshot of his FaceTime call with Rogan, and revealing that he would reportedly design a distinct set for their conversation (perhaps Kanye is not a fan of Rogan’s new toaster-oven-studio out in Texas).

Kanye revealed last week that he would be appearing on Rogan’s podcast on Friday of this week, but alas, Rogan has shared an update that will ultimately prevent this podcast from happening on Friday. As of now, it’s unclear when, or if, it will be rescheduled.

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Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram, Rogan revealed that his right-hand man and Googler-extraordinaire, Jamie Vernon, has caught the Coronavirus. Joe Rogan tested negative.

“Young Jamie Vernon tested positive today for COVID-19,” Rogan reveals in the clip below. “I tested negative, the rest of the staff tested negative, but Jamie tested positive. He thought maybe he had a sinus infection or allergies, but he has COVID. We were off last week, the episodes that aired we had previously recorded, so I hadn’t seen Jamie in about nine days.”

He continued, “We cancelled all the shows. I’m keeping away from everybody, and testing myself and testing the staff every day until were in the clear. There’s nothing we can do, so we’re cancelling all the podcasts this week, and I don’t know when we’re going to do them again, until we get a clear from the doctor. I think it’s ten days and three negative tests in a row.”

He capped off the video stating he may do some episodes remotely or with another producer — but the chances seem slim, if you listen to Rogan, you know how important Jamie is to the show, and it would seem near-blasphemous to do an episode with Kanye (of all people) and not have Young Jamie behind the boards. It’s also worth noting that Rogan made no mention of any specific guests, and thus no mention of Kanye, in his video clip.

“I don’t know what we’re gunna do, we may do some shows remotely, we may do some shows with a substitute producer which I really don’t want to do. I’m happy that Jamie has a mild case, I’m happy that he’s feeling better, but obviously it’s a fucked up situation. My apologies to all of the guests, my apologies to all of you,” Rogan says.

Watch the full video clip below. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more from Kanye about the proposed episode. 

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