Jay Critch Only Has One Thing On His Mind On “Money Talk”

Jay Critch has consistently been one of the most interesting artists coming out of New York, and there is no denying that he will continue to be a force thanks to his brand of melodic bar-focused rap. While he hasn’t come through with a project in a while, the artist continues to drop tracks here and there, and recently, that’s exactly what he did with “Money Talk.”

This particular track features a fairly lowkey beat, with Critch talking about cashing checks and making sure his money right. Simply put, Jay Critch is solely focused on money-making endeavors and doesn’t want to focus on anything else. If you’re in the midst of perfecting your hustle, this track will be perfect for your playlist.

Quotable Lyrics:

She gon’ fuck me ’cause she might as well
Damn I look like I fell in a well
Hold on like swish, ’til we hit the bell
You caught with us, you better not tell
I cut off her and her petty ways
Still prayin’ for better days
Brodie still tryna get it in any way