Former The Rap Game contestant J.I the Prince of N.Y has been gaining rave reviews for his new EP Welcome To GStarr Vol. 1, and one of the standout tracks off the project is a song titled “Painless” featuring Chi-Town emcee Lil Durk.

J.I the Prince of N.Y Lil Durk Painless Welcome To GStarr Vol. 1
Image: Brad Barket/Getty Images

Both rappers bring the bravado by the verse, rapping effortlessly about running through women and feeling pain-free about it. Although melodic in tone, the lyrics are pretty wild and veer more towards the vulgar side. However, the way they bounce off each other lyrically is impressive even if offensive at times.

Listen to “Painless” by J.I the Prince of N.Y featuring Lil Durk below, and stream the full Welcome To GStarr Vol. 1 EP right now wherever you bump your music.

Quotable Lyrics:

I was disgusted, I wanted to leave right after I n*tted
F*cked so good, b*tch took my keys, and I’m like, “F*ck it”
When I get high, I’m a lil’ too cocky, I text your buddies
She say I’m crazy, I pull out my d*ck and I tell her to s*ck it
I’ma tell you a real-life over street, n***a
I don’t even want anybody ’round me
I don’t even argue with no b*tch when I leave my crib
I don’t know when I’ma leave these streets
PTSD, I’m out of my mind
I grip my iron when I’m in my sleep
I don’t trust these n****s, I don’t care about nothin’
I don’t even trust n****s with the Uber Eats