Ekali To Release New Album Using New Alias

Yep. You read that right. Ekali is unleashing a brand alias, and side of himself unto us. Last week, the artist announced on twitter he will be releasing a new album, under a new name, this year! After releasing his debut album A World Away at the beginning of this year, Ekali is now ready for the next step in his career!


As a person who’s followed on Twitter by Ekali’s plant, I consider myself a close friend of Ekali (not). Just kidding. However, the Canadian DJ certainly managed to impress me during his live performance at EDC Mexico. In a year that was posed to become Ekali’s rise to fame year due to the release of his debut album and North America tour, the artists seems ready to defeat the quarantine and give his fans a reason to feel excited again!

Ekali’s Newest Project

As read on the announcement above, a new project, a new name, and a different vibe are all part of Ekali’s new alias. We’re not sure yet of what’s coming. However, assumptions have been thrown around by fans. One idea has resounded on top of them all. Housekali. The DJ’s been known for throwing some cultural house sets now and then. And well, for someone who’s been talking about the year of house every single day, I can’t imagine a better and sweeter surprise.

However, even if Ekali’s newest sound is not a house project (please lord, just give me this one win) I’m sure we’re in for a special treat. Ekali’s been able to demonstrate that he has a huge talent to expand over a wide variety of genres inside the EDM spectrum. There is no doubt this new project will captivate thousands just as Ekali has done before. There’s nothing to do now but wait and enjoy this amazing new side of an artist we love so much once it comes out. Are you excited?! Cause I definitely am!

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