NLE Choppa & Baby Mama Accuse Each Other Of Abuse, Police Called: Report

The relationship between NLE Choppa and his ex-girlfriend has been rocky, but things recently came to a head. The rapper and a young woman named Mariah recently welcomed their daughter Clover into the world just months ago. As they’ve adjusted to becoming parents, there have been reports that behind the scenes, Choppa and Mariah were struggling with getting along. Back in June, Choppa sent out a few tweets speaking ill of the mother of his child, but he later returned to Twitter to apologize.

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It seems that things have turned sour once again because Mariah has accused NLE Choppa of shooting at her mother’s home. During an Instagram Live session, Mariah told her viewers that the rapper came by her mother’s home because he wanted to see their daughter. Mariah was there but her mother wasn’t, so she told him that he had to wait until her mother returned. According to Mariah, this upset Choppa and they got into an altercation. She claimed he tried to push his way into the house and mentioned that he “attacked” her.

Mariah also said that Choppa fired off shots at the home as well with Baby Clover inside. Meanwhile, Choppa got on his Live to share his side of the story. He claimed that he just wanted to see his child but Mariah wouldn’t let him. He said that Mariah attacked him, while she stated that her stepfather called the police on Choppa. The rapper admitted on his Live that he may have added two felonies to his record. He’s allegedly facing charges of domestic violence and vandalism.

Willow Smith Is “Proud” Of Jada Pinkett Smith For August Alsina Conversation

Pop culture received a new term after Jada Pinkett Smith sat down with her husband Will Smith to discuss her complicated former relationship with singer August Alsina. After calling her lengthy romance with Alsina an “entanglement,” the word has almost replaced “situationship” in the urban dictionary. The Smiths have been hush-hush since the married couple appeared on Red Table Talk, and on Monday (September 28), Jada returned to the platform—this time with daughter Willow Smith and mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

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It can be awkward for any child to watch as their parents openly discuss their break up and romantic endeavors, but witnessing it unfold for a global audience can be downright embarrassing. Yet, Willow told her mother that she was proud of the way she handled the controversy. “Like, when you can be like, ‘I’m with you. I’m going to stand by you and I’m going to hold your hand’… that’s really important,” said Willow. “I want to put it on the table. I’m so proud of you… To be able to see you and dad do that, for me, that was like, ‘OK, that’s the real deal.’ That’s real love.”

Adrienne added that she admired her daughter’s “courage” and Jada said it was one of the most open, vulnerable moments to have to talk about that relationship with Alsina. “[It was a] full blast of, like, flaws, and feeling and just the total breakdown of any mask.”


Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Will Release Grand Jury Presentation: Report

Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron is under fire after an anonymous member of the grand jury has called him out. Recently, we reported that a grand jury convened and, after listening to the facts presented by the District Attorney’s office, decided that charges against two of the three officers involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting wouldn’t be charged. Brett Hankison faces charges of wanton endangerment for reportedly shooting aimlessly, causing his rounds to enter into a neighboring home where a pregnant woman and child resided. 

There was public outrage from advocates who wanted each officer charged in connection with Breonna Taylor’s death, but Kentucky’s AG, Daniel Cameron, has repeatedly stated a thorough investigation was conducted and resulted in the grand jury’s decision. This anonymous member of the jury has asked for a judge to order the recordings of the DA’s presentation to be released because they claim what was shown to the grand jury contradicts what Cameron has told the public.

Daniel Cameron has responded to the request with a lengthy statement that has been shared on social media. “The Grand Jury is mean to be a secretive body. It’s apparent that the public interest in this case isn’t going to allow that to happen,” wrote Cameron. “As a special prosecutor, our team has an ethical obligation not to release the recording from the Grandy Jury proceedings, and we stand by our belief that such a release could compromise the ongoing federal investigation and could have unintended consequences such as poisoning the jury pool.”

He goes to say that “despite those concerns,” the recordings from the grand jury proceedings will be released on Wednesday (September 30). Cameron is “confident in the case” that was presented and believes that the officers used justified force after being “fired upon by Kenneth Walker,” Breonna’s boyfriend. Read the entire statement below.

Naya Rivera’s Sister Responds To Reports That She’s Moving In With Ryan Dorsey

The family of Naya Rivera is reportedly holding things together for the sake of her son, Josey Dorsey. It was back in July when Naya and Josey embarked on a boat trip on Lake Piru in California, only he was found abandoned on the boat with his mother missing. Five days later, Rivera’s remains were recovered and the actress’s fans celebrated her short life as best they could. Naya’s ex-husband, actor Ryan Dorsey, has been adjusting to life as a single father, and recent reports state that he’s moved in with Naya’s sister Nickayla Rivera. It’s said that Nickayla will help Ryan in caring for five-year-old Josey.

After becoming a trending topic and standing accused of having some illicit affair with her deceased sister’s ex-husband, Nickayla addressed the rumors on her Instagram Story. “In the darkest time of my life, the only thing that is important is my friends & family. Showing up for my nephew, even though I can’t show up for myself,” Nickayla Rivera wrote. “Im not concerned with the way things look because no one can see each agonizing moment we all endure. What matters most I’ve learned is to show compassion, not to judge others, & never take a moment of life for granted.”

She ended her message by adding, “I hope you all can do the same.” Check it out below.

NBA YoungBoy Deletes Twitter, IG After Rumors Of Arrest Surface

There may be more legal troubles in store for NBA YoungBoy after it’s being reported that the rapper has been arrested. The young rapper’s run-ins with the law date back years and his rap sheet includes charges of attempted murder, assault, and probation violations. Last year, he was released from prison after serving out a sentence for an incident that occurred in Florida that left one man dead from gunshot wounds. Since that time, NBA YoungBoy has received mentorship from fellow Louisiana natives Master P and Romeo Miller, and it seems as if his career continues to climb as his album TOP debuted at No. 1.

However, on Monday (September 28), news began to circulate that YoungBoy had some trouble with the law. A blurry video clip turned up on social media that showed patrol vehicles with their lights flashing. The person recording claims that YoungBoy was taken into custody while filming a music video because he was allegedly in the possession of firearms.

This is breaking news, so details about the reported arrest have yet to materialize. Both his Twitter and IG have disappeared as people have begun tweeting hashtag calling for his freedom.

Pendulum Will Stream Set From Victorian Military Fort

Fresh off of two new releases, drum ‘n’ bass band Pendulum have announced they will play a livestream set from a fort in the middle of the sea. The Australia group with new music out for the first time in a decade teased the livestream a few days ago on social media, telling fans to “tune into YouTube for something special…02.10.20.”

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Tune into YouTube for something special…02.10.20

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In the accompanying short video, the band appears on a 150-year-old Victorian military fort off England’s south coast, between the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth. Bassist Gareth McGrillen explained the idea behind playing a livestream in such an unprecedented place.

“I think the cuteness of the kitchen set for livestreams got old pretty quick. I think you can still be socially distant and grandiose at the same time,” McGrillen told Metro on Friday. “We’re going to show it is possible.”

Pendulum frontman Rob Swire added that the band had “a lot of plans this year,” starting with the new release, and then festivals. 

“But now nothing’s happening. Everyone go home!” Swire said. “It has been interesting to see it all come together. I think it took everyone a long time to find their feet.”

New Music

While the group hasn’t revealed many details on their livestream, it’s safe for fans to assume that they will play their two new tracks. Pendulum released their first two singles in a decade, ‘Driver’ and ‘Nothing For Free,’ earlier this month. ‘Driver’ has a driving baseline and punching vocals. Meanwhile, ‘Nothing For Free’ is thunderous too, but more melodic and intertwined with soulful vocals. Both are satisfying for DnB fans of Pendulum’s 2010 studio album Immersion.  

Though Pendulum took a hiatus from producing, the band has played several major festivals in recent years. They were set to do their Trinity show at Creamfields this year, before the festival was canceled due to Covid-19.

Watch Pendulum’s livestream on October 2 on their YouTube channel pendulumlive here.

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Mysteryland & Awakenings Parent Slashes 40% of Jobs

One of dance music’s most legendary event promoters is being forced to cut jobs due to the pandemic. ID&T, who was formerly associated with Tomorrowland and now produces events like Awakenings, Defqon1, Mysteryland, and Sensation, has been struggling during this time without events.

When the business of planning parties comes to a standstill, party planners can’t stay in business. Now the company is looking to slash 40% of its workforce.

These are very difficult and emotional times for the company and all employees. The impact of this crisis is unprecedented.

ID&T CEO Ritty van Straalen

Although ID&T has reached settlements with three of its four insurers, the losses are still too much. Since there is still no clear light at the end of the tunnel, the reorganization is necessary.

In fact, these cuts mean that even when things return it will take some time for ID&T to become fully operational again. As ID&T plans to go into hibernation, we hope it’s only for the Winter and we can party with them again soon.

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TomorrowWorld Memories Remind Me of the Possible

Last week marked seven years since Tomorrowland announced that they had Georgia on their mind. And my Facebook feed is full of friends posting photos and sharing their TomorrowWorld memories.

I think it is great that people still have fond memories of Tomorrowworld five years after the festival closed its doors. But, at the same time, I get highly annoyed when I think about that three-day party in Chattahoochee Hills.

I am often left sitting here, in my home minutes away from Bouckaert’s Farm, wondering what if. And it annoys me.

TomorrowWorld was a new festival. But it had all the tools there to stay afloat for years.

All the things you would expect to spell doom for an upstart festival did not actually doom TomorrowWorld.

TomorrowWorld did not need to build their brand. TomorrowWorld had the good Tomorrowland brand backing it.

Ticket sales did not worry the festival too much.

People across America and around the world wanted to spend their money to attend TomorrowWorld. Over 120,000 visitors from 75 different countries came to the festival in 2013. 160,000 came in 2014, and an estimated 190,000 were expected in 2015.

The local community and businesses supported the festival strongly. I wrote article after article detailing the preparations city councils, county commissions, and local businesses made to welcome the influx of people.

To use a Southern United States analogy, TomorrowWorld had all the ingredients to make some truly delicious macaroni and cheese. But, as most Southerners know, not everyone can cook good mac and cheese, even with all the right ingredients.

So What Happened?

The suits at SFX Entertainment screwed up the mac & cheese.

SFX had all the ingredients. They had the people, the Belgians who perfected the Tomorrowland recipe, advising them. SFX Entertainment still managed to screw it up.

A Tomorrowland spokesperson said, in 2016, “we have noticed that our vision and goals, including a long-term strategy, are different from those of the publicly listed company.”

That is a nice way of saying, “We Belgians had a good recipe for macaroni and cheese. Then the bloody Americans came in, talking about adding raisins and other nonsensical ingredients to the mix. And they screwed it up.”

You can see then why I’m annoyed. You can understand why I’m annoyed.

We could have had good, delicious macaroni and cheese for years. We could have had TomorrowWorld for years. Instead, we got a burnt, raisin-infused mess that left such a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, the Belgians said, “That’s the last time we’re lending that recipe out.

“If you want the real deal, you come to Tomorrowland; you come to Belgium where our people know how to cook.”

And let me tell you something. Once you’ve had a taste of Tomorrowland (I’ve had three big plates the last three years), it is hard not to look at every other festival and say, “Yeah, but…”

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Mr. Pig Drops New Album ‘Yinyang’

After making huge waves in the EDM scene the last two years, Daniel Bautista, aka Mr. Pig, just dropped a hot new album titled ‘Yinyang’ on Friday. His influence began in México, and has continued to spread throughout the world. Spending the previous year touring around the globe, Mr. Pig has performed at some of the biggest festivals, including the likes of Tomorrowland, EDC, and Beyond Wonderland. Daniel really established himself as a dominant force in the scene when Mr. Pig ranked as the #148 best DJ in the infamous DJ Mag poll.

Today, ‘Yinyang’ showcases months of hard work and dedication put forth by Mr. Pig. The album compiles both previously released singles and new collaborations featuring Fancy Folks, SIAS, Typow, and Bruses. Additionally, the album features a second collaboration with singer Sapir Amar, following the success of their single previous ‘Blue Dreams‘, which currently sits with 3 million plus streams on Spotify Alone.

In 2020, Daniel has stayed quite busy putting out several singles as Mr. Pig, including collaborations with BZARS, BonHaus, ATL, Sapir Amar and Jay Romero. No genre or style is off limits because each project prioritizes self expression through music over any restriction to genre formats.

Be sure to check out the full Mr. Pig album below, out everywhere now!

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Man Sentenced 1 Year in Jail for Holding Large Parties

A man in Maryland is sentenced to one year in jail for hosting two large parties against COVID-19 gathering restrictions.

42-year-old man Shawn Marshall Myers was convicted for failing to comply with emergency guidelines twice, according to a statement made by the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office.

On March 22, Meyers was found hosting a large party at his home. With 50 people at his residence, he was seen violating Governor Larry Hogan‘s large gathering orders. Upon officers’ arrival, the man was asked to disband the party and Meyers eventually agreed.

Five days later, on March 27, officers arrived once again to Meyer’s home and found another party surpassing fifty people. Officers asked Meyers to disband the party, but this time he refused. He asked his guests to stay at his home, violating Governor Hogan’s orders. As a result, he was arrested on the scene.

Meyers will be serving his one year sentence at the Charles County Detention Center. Once he is released, he will be on unsupervised probation for three years.

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