Ebhoni & Yung Tory Shine On Walshy Fire’s “Never Lonely”

Walshy Fire has become one of the most respected DJs in all of music thanks to his consistent output and work with Major Lazer. Over the years, he has continued to put out fire music, and even in 2020, he has no plans on stopping. His latest track is called “Never Lonely” and features the likes of Ebhoni and Yung Tory.

Simply put, this track brings all of the vibes. The warm summer-like production is extremely catchy, all while Ebhoni and Yung Tory provide some autotune fueled verses. Overall, it’s a pleasant song that will certainly put you in a good mood on this gloomy Saturday.

Quotable Lyrics:

So I’ma get my bread up, fed up
Please don’t waste my time
You ain’t bout nothing why you blowing up my line
Keep my head up, straight up
One thing on my mind
Run up a cheque now I do it all the time