Dua Saleh & Bas Paint The City “RA(a)D” On New Collab

Minneapolis-based artist Dua Saleh continues to prove there are no barriers to her creativity. Pushing the boundaries of her sound with influences across the board, June’s ROSETTA showcased her versatility and genre-bending abilities on each track. Though it’s been less than two months, Dua’s back with another new single this week titled, “RE(a)D” ft. Dreamville’s Bas. The song’s production carries the same gloominess from ROSETTA with a more clear cut influence of trap through the drums. Dua Saleh’s jazzy vocals bounce between harmonies, flows, and blending the two before Bas slides in on the third verse detailing his vices and relationship woes.

With the release of Dua Saleh’s latest single, perhaps the follow-up to ROSETTA isn’t too far away. Check out “RE(a)D” ft. Bas below.

Quotable Lyrics
I’ma leave a bottle Of the stain glass tears
Plum in the rye
Hopped up peers
I’ma leave a gallon
Of the same old years