Dr. Dre & Hittman Bodied The Chilling Banger “Big Egos”

Twenty-one years ago, Dr. Dre came through and delivered what may very well be the greatest hip-hop album of all time, 2001. True, such a claim is certainly debatable, but few can argue that it doesn’t deserve inclusion in the conversation. Boasting no shortage of classic singles, 2001 remains a consistent listen from start-to-finish, thanks in large part to deeper cuts like the Hittman-assisted “Big Egos.” Boasting one of Dr. Dre’s most haunting beats of all time, the chilling piano-driven classic finds both emcees holding it down with some appropriately menacing bars.

“Disconnected from the streets forever,” raps Dre. “As long as I got a Beretta, ni*ga, I’m down for whatever / I roll with my shit off safety, for ni*gas that been hatin’ me lately / and the bitches that wanna break me.” His quiet intensity is matched by Hittman’s more exuberant brand of psychopathy, and the Doc’s former protege makes his presence felt in a hailstorm of bullets. “Passin’ by with Uzis, like who you aiming at?
That shady bitch and that bitch ni*ga that was claimin’ that,” he raps, his bars emphasized by the sounds of a violent massacre. “I don’t sympathize for wack hoes and wimpy guys / You gotta recognize Hittman is an enterprise.”

Twenty-one years later, Dr. Dre’s 2001 still hits as hard as ever before. Be sure to check out “Big Egos” now, and should you want a deeper insight into the album’s creation, check out our exclusive feature right here — a must-read for any Dr. Dre fan. 


I don’t sympathize for wack hoes and wimpy guys
You gotta recognize Hittman is an enterprise
Cali pride, Bronson rider South Central-ized
The Henny got me energized, smoke the guys
Tryna focus on mines, poke they eyes out, I’m L.A.’s loc’est
Hope they don’t have to find out the hard way