Details of President Donald Trump’s time at the prestigious Wharton Business School have long been heavily scrutinized. While Trump refers to his academic experience as “genius stuff” and claims he graduated at the top of his class, the Dean’s List from his 1968 graduating class shows otherwise. Furthermore, despite frequently ripping President Obama for not releasing his college transcripts, Trump has neglected to ever do the same himself.

Now, the Trump college saga is beginning to get even more interesting. According to the New York Times, Trump’s Niece Mary Trump revealed in her new tell-all book that Trump cheated on his SAT exam to gain admission into the university, by paying a proxy to take the test for him. 

donald trump cheated on SATs

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

“The high score the proxy earned for him,” Ms. Trump wrote, helped him be accepted into the school as an undergraduate. Three of Trump’s children went on to also attend Penn, with Don Jr. graduating in 2000, Ivanka in 2004, and Tiffany in 2016.

This revelation isn’t too surprising, given the many high-profile college admissions scandals of the past year, as well as Trump’s taste for lying. However, it is a funny twist to Trump’s college chronicles, especially given that Penn revokes degrees for cheating, false admissions information or tampering with records.