Dominic Fike Returns With Feel-Good Single “Chicken Tenders”

Dominic Fike returns with his first drop of the year in the form of “Chicken Tenders,” the first single off his forthcoming debut album. 

Originally intended to be released at the top of the month, Dominic explained that he decided to delay the drop out of respect for the protests against police brutality and systemic racism, an issue that hits close to home for the artist. 

“Last week, I was supposed to put out the first song from my debut album,” the artist wrote in a statement on Instagram. “Instead something much more important happened. People were forced to have a conversation that’s been long overdue. It doesn’t feel right to release music today but it does feel right to continue this conversation.”

To accompany “Chicken Tenders,” Dominic also dropped some captivating visuals. The video, which adopts the single-take style, opens with Dominic waking up in bed next to a sleeping woman, before getting up quietly and putting his clothes on. The video then suspends reality as he begins walking on air, navigating the floating feathers and mysterious streetlights of this surreal world. The visuals then take on an Inception-like quality as Dominic tries to run away from a room made up entirely of beds, only to end up in the same bed he woke up in with the same female companion.

Check out “Chicken Tenders” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I met you, gaze and it was love that we were makin’
And she spoke a different language
There was no need for translation
And I ordered chicken fingers to my room, girl
But we got some things to do first