Doe Boy & Southside Grab Lil Uzi Vert For Sinister “Bussin”

Doe Boy and Southside have officially come through with their new album Demons, boasting a lineup of stacked features from Future, Chief Keef, Young Nudy, Swae Lee, Trippie Redd, and Lil Uzi Vert. On that note, the latter comes through to hold it down on one of the project’s most sinister bangers “Bussin,” which finds Southside conjuring a menacing string-driven banger for both parties to bless. Setting things off is Doe Boy, who delivers a lengthy verse befitting of his devilish ways. 

“Went to his Mama house, shot up hеr crib, said we went too far,” he raps, issuing an ominous warning to those still doubting him. “Can’t catch me in traffic, 160 the dash, can’t hit this car.” And while he’s usually pretty easygoing, Lil Uzi Vert has no trouble keeping stride, letting his darker urges take over as he closes things out. “Bitch, I’m hot like a Cheeto, black like Don Cheadle,” he raps. “Oh, that’s your baby? Put her in fetal / 
Eternal Atake, open her keyhole.”  

For those interested in hearing the latest from Doe Boy and Southside, who recently stylized themselves as The Demon Team, be sure to check out their brand new album right here — especially if you enjoy your bangers dark and your lyrics violent. 


Same n**ga I used to smack up, bitch, when you get this hard
Trauma teachin’ lil’ ni*gas they better not play with the bird 
I got this .50, get murdered, can’t go out like Ja Rule and Irv
He tried to jump in the streets and his brains got left on the curb