Back in April, EDM production duo DJDS dropped a three-track EP titled No Trust/Feel Nice that was produced in Jamaica and inspired by the local chunes. The sound ended up leaving a lasting mark, going on to inspire a new banger alongside Tory Lanez and Rema called “Simple Things.”

DJDS Tory Lanez Rema Simple Things
Image: Hutton Supancic/Getty Images for SXSW

Promoted as a fusion of cultures from Los Angeles (DJDS), Toronto (Lanez) and Lagos (Rema), “Simple Things” is also a mesh of genres as well with the clever blend of afrobeats and club music. Tory adds the most impressive addition with a patois-laced verse, meanwhile Rema croons effortlessly in his own right to assist the body-rocking instrumental provided by the Dodger Stadium duo.

Listen to “Simple Things” by DJDS, Rema and Tory Lanez below and on all streaming platforms:

Quotable Lyrics:

You give me reason
Lovin’ and teasin’
Touchin’ and squeezin’ when love isn’t easy
Everyting hot, like the sun in Ibiza
Fly her off a country, haffi land with a visa, hmm
Body shaped like a figure eight
Put your neck pon’ ice, like the gyal with them figure skate
Lotta noise and it’s in the way
Just tryna have a next level bezel with the diamonds in the face