Conway & Freddie Gibbs Are Well Matched On “Seen Everything But Jesus”

When one is hopping on a track with Conway The Machine, no half-measures can be afforded. The Griselda rapper has earned his position as one of hip-hop’s top tier lyricists, sitting comfortably in top-ten territory. Maybe even top-five, depending on who is being asked. As such, his latest project From King To A God is stacked with premium spitters: Lloyd Banks, Havoc, Method Man, Benny The Butcher, Flee Lord, Westside Gunn, and Freddie Gibbs. It’s the latter who steps up for “Seen Everything But Jesus,” a four-minute plus track that finds both emcees navigating a soulful instrumental from Beat Butcha.

Off the bat, it’s clear that Conway is covering new territory, bringing a melodic quality to his hook. It’s a manifestation of his artistic growth, setting the track’s tone and conjuring vibes of Blueprint-era Jay-Z. All the while, Machine reflects on his life and environment, the lessons he’s learned and the philosophies he’s since instilled. “My ni*ga Sos up in the feds, he been down for like seven, we fell out before he left and we never got to address it,” he raps. “I still answer every call, when he come home, I plan to bless him / Cause we spoke about it like two men and I was corrected.”

Check out the Freddie Gibbs-assisted track now, and keep an eye out for From King To A God, landing in full tomorrow. 


City I’m from get risky a lot
Gotta get you a Glock, just in case you gotta lick a few shots
Flip a pack a few times, stack it, and get you a block
Keep your grip on you if n***s try to get what you got