Chief Keef & Mac Miller Had Great Chemistry On “I Just Wanna”

Despite his relative youth, Chief Keef’s prolific nature and widely influential sound catapulted him into OG status. It’s a label that he’s worn quite well, especially given how many new school rappers would likely name him as an inspiration. There’s a reason for that; one does not simply gain such notoriety without having some hard-hitting music behind him. For Sosa, his studio albums served as a way to reach a wider audience, though that’s not to say he sacrificed any of his stylistic integrity. Bang 3, Keef’s second studio album, was released yesterday — five years ago — to critical acclaim. 

While there are plenty of highlight moments found throughout, it’s hard not to gravitate toward his slick duet with the late Mac Miller, a somber ode to inebriation called “I Just Wanna.” Set to the backdrop of an elegant piano loop, Keef and Mac trade lengthy verses highlighting their self-destructive yet clearly addictive lifestyles. Given what ultimately happened to Mac Miller, it can be slightly uncomfortable to hear him rap about such topics — yet it remains an integral part of his artistry, and to erase that would be doing his legacy a disservice. Revisit “I Just Wanna” now, and be sure to show some love to Sosa’s Bang 3 in the comment section. Do you remember when this one dropped five years ago?


Smoking ganja, counting commas
Fucking thotties, I probably fucked your momma
Rolling with my gunners, my gunners, they’ll gun ya
If your dumbass try running, then them bullets run for ya