Cdot Honcho Returns With “H5”

Almost exactly two years later, Cdot Honcho’s follow up to the celebrated H4 is finally here.

The Chicago rapper takes a step back from the Lil Durk inspired anthems he began to experiment with and reverts to the aggressive bark he first became known for. 

H5 is just as minimal with the features as its predecessor, trading Lil Durk and Chief Keef for Calboy and Valee, with the focus squarely on Cdot Honcho’s wild-eyed delivery. 

Although the album is 12 tracks deep, it clocks in at just under half an hour, making it a quick trip into Honcho’s mind.

Check out H5 on your streaming service of choice and share your thoughts in the comments below.


1. At Peace
2. Warrior
3. Gang (feat. Calboy)
4. Tec
5. Thc
6. Grew Up
7. Spaghetti (feat. Valee)
8. Mhm Mhm
9. Not At All
10. Freaky B*tches
11. Vibes
12. Ironic