Anderson .Paak Shares Timely New Single “Lockdown”

Anderson .Paak is one of the most talented musicians in the world, always contributing his blend of funk, hip-hop, and soul when we need it most. He’s been watching everything unfold over the last few weeks, heartbroken over all the lives that have been lost at the hands of police and racism. 

Despite the coronavirus lockdown, he watched us all head to the streets to march for the Black Lives Matter movement, hoping to make a change for future generations. In the so-called Land of the Free, nobody should have to live in fear of being shot dead in their own home, like Breonna Taylor, or at the supermarket, like George Floyd.

The Ventura veteran has released his timely new record “Lockdown,” which references what has been going on and his thoughts about the situation. As people have gone back to music to piece together their emotions over all of this, .Paak offers a fresh perspective on the riots, translating it all through his personal lens.

The song is expected to be released globally at midnight but, for now, you can stream or preview it below, available in select international markets.

Quotable Lyrics:

Sicker than the COVID, how they did him on the ground
Speakin’ of the COVID, is it still goin’ around?
Oh, won’t you tell me ’bout the lootin’ what’s that really all about?
‘Cause they throw away black lives like paper towels
Plus unemployment rate, what, forty million now?
Killed a man in broad day, might never see a trial
We just wanna break chains like slaves in the South
Started in the North End but we in the downtown
Ride, cops try to block, now we gotta show down