50 Cent On Talking To His 7-Year-Old About BLM Protests: “They’re Delicate”

There’s a lot of difficult conversations being had right now in the wake of the current social climate. With the ongoing protests going on, 50 Cent recently sat down with Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show where they discussed the different discourses being had with their kids. Kelly Clarkson explained that she and many people she knows are having these conversations with their kids. Fif, too, said that he’s having this conversation with his 7-year-old, Sire, though he admitted at first, it was a bit complicated to explain.

“I’m blessed with him only being seven. So, it’s like, I have to explain to him why the protests but not with the depth that would allow him to say — to put me in those awkward situations,” 50 Cent said. Clarkson explained how she has these conversations with her kids and acknowledged how these conversations with her white children would be different from Fif’s conversation with his kid.

“It’s also they’re delicate. I always look at him and say I don’t want to over-exert these things to him and jade his perspective at the same time,” 50 Cent added. 

Since the protests have erupted, Fif’s used his platform to highlight injustices from the protests to racial inequity in the entertainment business. Check out his interview with Kelly Clarkson below.